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Fortune to Honor Cannabis Industry Innovator Jessica Billingsley of MJ Freeway

09/16/2015 DENVER - Jessica Billingsley, Co-Founder and COO of MJ Freeway Business Solutions, will be the first woman ever from the cannabis industry to accept the prestigious 2015 Fortune Most Promising Women Entrepreneur Award.

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Recreational pot and redefining crime

John Young 4/18/2013 How about some good news today? This year, reports Time magazine, drug cartels in Mexico stand to lose $1.4 billion. Why? Because Colorado and Washington decriminalized recreational marijuana in November.

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2009 - On the Edge of Common Sense

The world going to pot Baxter Black, DVM 5/18/2009 Here’s a tough question: If you are hitting yourself on the head with a spatula and are complaining because it hurts, what should you do? Answer: Stop it. And the million dollar question today: If over 6,300 people were killed last year on the Mexican border trying to smuggle drugs into the United States, how can we stop it? Answer: Duh, nobody seems to know.

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