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Kansas marijuana bill hits roadblock in state Senate

Nicholas Clayton, AP, 5/27/2015 A bill that would ease marijuana laws in Kansas has stalled in the state Senate and will likely not be considered further this year after its unexpected approval by the House.

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Chris Christie should back off on Colorado

By The Denver Post Editorial Board 04/19/2015 Chris Christie seems to have evolved from being a potentially formidable presidential candidate when his prospects were first mentioned a few years ago to a vanity candidate today.

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Predictions in for Colorado tax refunds

Brandon Rittiman 03/19/2015 DENVER - Colorado taxpayers could be in for state tax refunds between $15 and $89 per person next year, depending on household income. Those were the predictions from economists for the governor's office and state legislature presented Wednesday to the state's joint budget committee.

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Colorado youth surveys on drugs, sex under scrutiny

KRISTEN WYATT, AP 03/01/2015 DENVER - Colorado has been asking middle and high school students about their sex lives and drug use for nearly a quarter of a century in anonymous public health surveys. But the surveys are under new scrutiny from parents who call them invasive and inappropriate.

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