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EDITORIAL: Colorado unleashes tax-free pot

By: The Gazette editorial 09/15/2015 For advocates of marijuana anarchy, holidays don't get better than this. Wednesday is Colorado's famous/infamous tax-free pot day. Stores are stocking up for record-setting sales. It's a good week to keep especially close watch on teenagers and younger children who may be vulnerable to a sudden surge in the pot supply.

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EDITORIAL: TABOR end run a bad idea

The Gazette editorial 04/23/2015 Colorado voters sent a clear message when they added the Taxpayer's Bill of Rights to the Colorado Constitution. The law, known as TABOR, must be respected or overturned. State government should not try to circumvent it with accounting games.

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Glenwood Elementary moves to next step for state grant

Will Grandbois 05/22/2015 The Capital Construction Assistance Board has recommended that the state contribute $9.1 million of its $50 million in available Building Excellent Schools Today money to an overhaul of Glenwood Springs Elementary School.

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