Tyler Henson

Two Aspen marijuana shops cited for underage sale to enforcement officer

Jesse Paul 07/31/2015 Two recreational marijuana shops in Aspen were cited this week by state regulators for selling pot to an underage customer in a set of rare cases for the industry in Colorado.

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DIY hash-oil blasts spark debate over felony penalties

Tessa Cheek 04/27/2015 Here’s how it works: You buy cheap “trim,” the discarded leaves snipped from cannabis buds. You attach a screen to one end of a pipe and pack it with trim. You blast liquid butane through this contraption and cook honey oil, hash which can be re-sold with a triple return on investment. High product, high profits, right?

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House passes pot warning

Peter Marcus 04/07/2015 DENVER – The Colorado House on Tuesday backed a measure that would require marijuana shops to post warnings to pregnant women about possible dangers associated with cannabis.

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Marijuana edibles should be clearly marked

Henney Lasley 04/12/2015 Re: “Colorado shouldn’t give up on marijuana edibles,” April 5 guest commentary. Colorado Cannabis Chamber of Commerce president Tyler Henson’s comments on marijuana edibles are confounding.

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Morning sickness marijuana trend draws eyes at the Capitol

Tessa Cheek 04/06/2015 In the wake of reports from gynecologists that pregnant women are turning to medical marijuana to combat morning sickness, Colorado lawmakers and public health officials are pushing legislation that would require all dispensaries to post warnings that, just like alcohol and tobacco, cannabis isn’t safe for fetuses.

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