Fortune to Honor Cannabis Industry Innovator Jessica Billingsley of MJ Freeway

09/16/2015 DENVER - Jessica Billingsley, Co-Founder and COO of MJ Freeway Business Solutions, will be the first woman ever from the cannabis industry to accept the prestigious 2015 Fortune Most Promising Women Entrepreneur Award.

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Licenses now being issued for retail pot

Mary Shinn 09/24/2014 The city issued the first two local recreational marijuana business licenses Tuesday afternoon. Businesses now must wait for city inspections before opening their doors. However, Durango Organics, which was licensed Tuesday, may open as early as next week, co-owner Jonny Radding said.

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Durango begins looking at pot rules

Sarah Mueller 03/12/2014 Creating regulations for marijuana is rare for public officials, but other cities will be watching Durango’s moves and judging its success.

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Marijuana use could take path of tobacco in U.S. if legal

Robert Sharpe, 10/28/2012 In her Oct. 22 op-ed, Dawn Nannini makes the common mistake of assuming that marijuana prohibition deters use. The United States has double the rate of marijuana use as the Netherlands, where marijuana is legally available to adults at retail “coffee shops.”

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