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Toro: Tax-evader Douglas Bruce’s TABOR keeps voters from raising taxes, even when they thought they did

Luis Toro 04/28/2015 Anti-tax fanatic and now-convicted tax-evader Douglas Bruce sold us a bill of goods in 1992 when voters approved the Taxpayer’s Bill of Rights, or TABOR, on the promise the we, the people, had the power to decide if and when to raise our state taxes. It’s the biggest lie in Colorado politics. And also the most fiscally damaging.

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Marijuana, TABOR and the City Council

John Hazlehurst 6/10/2013 Let us travel back to the dear, dead days beyond recall when Colorado voters, led by the eccentric Douglas Bruce, added the TABOR amendment to the state constitution in 1992.

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Colo. pot proposal faces another legal challenge

KRISTEN WYATT AP 7/11/2011 DENVER - A proposal to make pot legal for recreational use in Colorado faced another challenge Monday. Tax activist Douglas Bruce of Colorado Springs challenged the proposed constitutional amendment in a filing to the state Supreme Court.

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Marijuana ballot titles are illegal, charges Doug Bruce

John Schroyer 7/7/2011 Ever the watchful tax foe, Douglas Bruce caught what he says is a “shameful” attempt by the state title board to evade a TABOR rule on potential tax increases. Under TABOR, ballot measures that would raise or create taxes must begin, “Shall state taxes be increased,” Bruce wrote in a letter to the secretary of state’s office.

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