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Fewer crimes, more revenue as medical marijuana industry stabilizes in Colorado Springs

Kassondra Cloos 07/06/2015 Data from the city of Colorado Springs, its police department and the Colorado Department of Revenue show interesting trends as the marijuana industry matures amid growing pains that have attracted national attention, including the cash-only nature of the business.

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Fewer crimes, more revenue as medical pot industry stabilizes in Colorado Springs

Kassondra Cloos 07/05/2015 As the number of medical marijuana shops and dispensary-related crimes in Colorado Springs has fallen over the past five years, medical pot tax revenue in El Paso County has soared.

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SPECIAL REPORT: 20 Months Later, No Vote in Sight

Travis Khachatoorian 05/15/2015 GRAND JUNCTION - Month after month, retail marijuana sales in Colorado have reached new highs. But while dozens of cities and towns are riding the wave of the booming industry, Grand Junction continues to resist the temptation of selling the drug.

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Rec Sales Beat Medical in Early 2015

William Breathes 04/22/2015 Retail cannabis outsold medical marijuana through the first two months of 2015, according to tax-revenue data from the Colorado Department of Revenue. Stats show that between January 1 and the end of February, Colorado medical dispensaries had sold $55,394,034 worth of cannabis, pulling in $1,606,427 in total sales taxes.

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Top 10 Numbers About Legal Pot in Colorado that Don’t Include 4-20

Anna Boiko-Weyrauch, Katie Kuntz, 04/17/2015 Most Coloradans probably know that 4-20 – April 20th – has become the day for celebrating marijuana. Although the origin is still debated, four-twenty is probably the most popular numeric reference to pot. Rocky Mountain PBS I-News has compiled a list of less well-known figures, a paint by the numbers picture of cannabis in Colorado.

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