Kristen M. White

Metro OKs change in pot tax language

Kristen M. White 09/10/2015 If approved by voters, the retail marijuana tax in Pueblo West will increase over time for the first three years effective, in tandem with the proposed tax by Pueblo County.

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Metro talks pot levy tax on ballot

Kristen M. White 07/23/2015 The Pueblo West Metropolitan District is considering a ballot issue this fall that would levy an excise tax on retail marijuana facilities. Directors talked about the potential for the tax at their meeting last week.

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Metro eyes pot tax money

Kristen M. White 04/02/2015 An ongoing discussion for Pueblo West Metropolitan District Board of Directors is how to spend $200,000 of marijuana tax money that has been given to the District by Pueblo County Commissioners.

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Metro District says ‘no more pot shops’

Kristen M. White 07/30/2014 No more marijuana business in Pueblo West – that’s the statement the Pueblo West Metro District Board of Directors is making to the Pueblo County Commissioners, on behalf of a vocal portion of the Pueblo West community.

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Metro declines marijuana resolution

Kristen M. White 03/19/2014 After numerous testimonies from the public about the marijuana industry in the local community, the Pueblo West Metropolitan District Board of Directors rejected a previously discussed resolution that would have stated their opposition to any more marijuana-related businesses in Pueblo West.

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Metro board leery about pot shop growth

Kristen M. White 03/05/2014 With most of Pueblo County’s recreational marijuana shops located in Pueblo West, the Pueblo West Metropolitan District Board of Directors discussed the growth of the industry and agreed they would like to see it slow or stop.

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