Drug policy

Marijuana campaign aims to educate teens

Jordan Alexander 09/09/2015 GRAND JUNCTION - The Mesa Country Drug Threat Oversight Collaborative (DTOC) are rolling out a new educational campaign to tackle pot use among teenagers.

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Jeffco commissioners may allow pot testing

Christy Steadman 07/28/2015 Jefferson County commissioners have told staff to start drafting an ordinance that would continue the prohibition of retail, cultivation and manufacturing of marijuana in unincorporated parts of the county. The moratorium forbidding all commercial marijuana operations ends Jan. 1.

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Jeffco marijuana discussed at hasty meeting

Christy Steadman 06/02/2015 Jefferson County commissioners discussed marijuana at a hastily scheduled meeting May 29.

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CARROLL: Legal pot making a difference in Denver

Frank Carroll 05/26/2015 I think legalized marijuana is coming to a state near you, sooner than we think. Major and minor crimes associated with illegal drug activity are down almost across the board in Denver since the now famous green crosses that denote pot sellers began appearing on Broadway Avenue.

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Letter: Plant the seeds of research

Jimmy Newmoon Roybal 05/23/2015 PEDCO’s request not to use the half-cent sales tax for marijuana businesses is nearly the most anti-business, anti-development stance that they can take.

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Drug Recognition Experts Help Identify People Driving Under Influence of Marijuana

Adam Uhernik 04/27/2015 NORTH PLATTE, NE - With marijuana being sold legally in Colorado and it coming across the state line to Nebraska a North Platte Criminal Defense Lawyer says it's become a hot button issue with how the authorities are going to enforce people driving under the influence of marijuana.

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