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EDITORIAL: Federal report shows damning and deadly trends

By: The Gazette Editorial Board 09/15/2015 In the last year, problems of public health and safety associated with, and caused by, marijuana use have worsened, according to an annual report issued Tuesday by the Rocky Mountain High Intensity Drug Trafficking Area.

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Congressional hearing on Feds' decision not to fight legalization of recreational marijuana

Pete Yost AP 9/10/2013 WASHINGTON - The Obama administration is facing criticism over its attempt to straddle the federal law that makes marijuana illegal and state laws that permit recreational use of the drug.

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Department of Justice will not challenge Amendment 64

Tony Spehar 8/30/2013 The federal government will not challenge Amendment 64, which legalized the sale and use of recreational marijuana in Colorado, according to Department of Justice memo released on Thursday.

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Feds won't block Colorado pot

Vic Vela 8/29/2013 The federal government finally provided clarity on Colorado's marijuana laws on Aug. 29, with the Department of Justice issuing guidance saying that prosecutors will not seek to block recreational pot use and sales here — so long as the newly created industry abides by state regulations.

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