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Coming out as a pot-smoking parent

Lori Jane Glih, Serene Fang, 01/22/2015 For the first six months of her new job, Brittany Driver was pretty sure Child Protective Services was going to show up at her door.

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Recreational marijuana sales set for January 1 in Colorado: Will supply meet demand?

12/18/2013 Recreational marijuana sales begin two weeks from Wednesday in Colorado. Last year, voters in Colorado approved marijuana use for anyone over 21. Colorado already has a booming medical marijuana industry, but it is having trouble figuring out how to sell pot to the masses.

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Denver Post Marijuana Editor: Pot to Generate $40 Million in Tax Revenue

Lauren Lyster 12/13/2013 Beginning January 1, residents of Colorado should be able to legally purchase recreational marijuana. Colorado joins Washington as one of the first states to give the drug a greenlight purely for pleasure. Washington is set to begin sales later in 2014.

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Post's Pot News Coverage Expanding

Beejal Patel 12/03/2013 Denver, Colo. Ricardo Baca, a marijuana editor for the Denver Post tells CNN that the news paper is ramping up its coverage. He says many reporters will be on the ground covering every aspect of pot in every part of Colorado from Denver to Aspen to Southern Colorado and even here on the Western Slope.

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Breathes, er, Boyd blows it

Christine Tatum 8/25/2013 Denver’s alt-weekly newspaper, Westword, is heavily subsidized by the marijuana industry — so of course it has a pot critic who basically gets high for a living to enlighten the rest of us about Colorado dispensaries and whether this strain of weed is better than that one. Surely, his “Toke of the Town” blog and “Ask a Stoner” advice column round out his busy work week.

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