Police: Hash oil caused explosion in Wheat Ridge home

02/05/2015 WHEAT RIDGE - Authorities say an explosion that rocked a Wheat Ridge home was caused by the manufacturing of hash oil.

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Apeks wants to make marijuana oil extraction safer

Preetisha Sen 01/15/2014 Both medicinally and recreationally, hash oil is gaining popularity among Americans in the growing number of states that have legalized the drug in some form.

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Attorney General Hopes to Make Hash Oil Production Illegal in Homes

Maddie Garrett 01/05/2015 Colorado - Warning: some images in the video may be too graphic for some viewers. The Colorado Attorney General is clearing the air on the controversial practice of making hash oil at home.

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Butane Hash Making Causes Home Explosion In Fort Collins

12/16/2014 FORT COLLINS – Butane hash claimed another home on the Front Range on Monday.

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