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EDITORIAL: Federal report shows damning and deadly trends

By: The Gazette Editorial Board 09/15/2015 In the last year, problems of public health and safety associated with, and caused by, marijuana use have worsened, according to an annual report issued Tuesday by the Rocky Mountain High Intensity Drug Trafficking Area.

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Reefer Madness at Colorado Springs Gazette

03/24/2015 Colorado Springs is the conservative capital of our dear state. The Gazette, having been revitalized by tons of conservative cash, has been the public spokeswrap and parttime watchdog of the long list of conservatives who made their base here and took their, ummm, special kind of conservatism to Denver and DC.

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Don't call us? We'll call you out.

Christine Tatum 12/12/2012 What a coincidence. Today, journalists representing eight news agencies contacted me, seeking interviews with my husband, Dr. Christian Thurstone, whom Colorado Gov. John Hickenlooper recently named to a task force...

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