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Public input wanted for Golden Amendment 64 implementation task force

03/25/2014 A moratorium on recreational marijuana retail stores expires July 1st and the A64 Task Force, appointed by Council is meeting to discuss public use issues and whether to allow recreational marijuana stores in Golden. The task force will report its finding to Council on Thursday, April 24. The A64 Task Force would like to know what the public thinks about the issue.

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Letter: Access to drugs increases use by young people

Ashley Kasprzak, 03/01/2014 Youths are naturally full of dreams, strong wills and cravings for excitement. In their quest for excitement, they are challenged to choose options that fuel their future rather than compromise it. Early alcohol, marijuana and other drug use fall into the latter category of compromising futures.

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Colorado's legal pot shops collect at least $1.2 million in taxes in first month

02/04/2014 During the first month of Colorado’s recreational marijuana economy, businesses there have contributed at least $1.24 million in tax revenue to state coffers.

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Palmer Lake town council to discuss retail marijuana sales

8/7/2013 The town council of Palmer Lake will host a public discussion of Amendment 64 at its Thursday monthly evening meeting, after which the council members will vote on an ordinace that would impose a temporary moratorium on recreational marijuana retail stores.

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Amid the haze of new Colorado legal pot rules, a small victory for hemp

Greg Campbell 4/4/2013 Lost in the haze around Colorado’s historic vote to legalize marijuana is that when voters passed Amendment 64 in November, they also legalized hemp, marijuana’s long-suffering cousin.

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Medical marijuana authority approved

Eric Mullens 2/28/2013 WALSENBURG - The Walsenburg City Council Tuesday night approved Ordinance 1020 that establishs a local licensing authority and licensing procedures, financial and location guidelines for medical marijuana facilities within the city limits...

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