Thomas Sexton

State court denies pot conviction appeal

JEFF TUCKER 3/3/2012 A Pueblo County medical marijuana farmer's appeal of his conviction on pot possession was denied by the Colorado Court of Appeals last month. Karl Tameler, attorney for Thomas Sexton, said he and his client are weighing their options and deciding whether to petition the state Supreme Court.

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Beulah Man Gets Probation in Medical Marijuana Case

Beulah Man Gets Probation in Medical Marijuana Case Sexton Can Still Use Medical Marijuana During 18 Month Probation Josh Poland 5/19/2010 PUEBLO, Colo. -- The attorney for a Beulah man sentenced to 18 months of court-supervised probation called his sentencing “cause for joy and sorrow.” Karl Tameler said his client, Tom Sexton, has reason for sorrow because Judge David Crockenberg did not grant Sexton’s motion for acquittal. However, Sexton will still be able to use medical marijuana to treat his own pain despite the fact his probation prohibits the use of alcohol or drugs.

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Medical marijuana is a legal quandary

People on probation face questions over its use. By JEFF TUCKER 4/19/2010 For people who are granted probationary sentences in Pueblo district court, the order is pretty standard. They usually must refrain from using alcohol, illegal drugs or abusing prescription medication. However, Colorado's constitutional amendment allowing the use of marijuana for some medical purposes creates a contradiction between state and federal law, and puts the men and women sworn to uphold both on a fine line between the two.

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Pueblo jury deliberates Colo. medical marijuana growing limits while feds raid grower

AP 2/13/2010 HIGHLANDS RANCH - Federal agents raided the home of a marijuana grower who spoke publicly about his large and profitable operation in his basement as a jury in Pueblo deliberates state limits on the number of plants medical marijuana users can have.

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