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Legal marijuana in US a 'culture shock' for Koreans

Jane Han 09/16/2014 Hwang Yon-sook, 47, a Colorado mom of a high schooler, was not happy when her son came home from school with leftover brownies ― not just plain brownies, but chocolate treats spiked with marijuana.

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Figuring Ouray's marijuana tax revenue

Sheridan Block 09/14/2014 Last week, city council passed a resolution to submit a marijuana sales tax question to voters this November. The ballot will ask if citizens approve a $53,000 annual tax revenue increase by imposing an excise tax of five percent on the sale of retail marijuana and retail marijuana products.

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Faust: Hysteria over marijuana on Breckenridge’s Main Street ignores key facts

Timothy Faust, 09/12/2014 The Breckenridge Town Council is getting set to vote on whether to continue to allow retail marijuana stores to operate on Main Street. There has been a lot of passion, along with a great deal of obfuscation on the issue. First, to establish a few facts.

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What does Breckenridge want to be known for?

David Snipes, 09/07/2014 Having followed the discussions about allowing retail marijuana stores on Breckenridge’s Main Street, I pose this question: Who do you want to be, Breck? What image do you want to present to the world — a charming, family-oriented mountain town that caters to healthy outdoor activities or one more place with easy access to marijuana?

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Public welcome to discuss marijuana issue

Danny Summers 08/30/14 The next public debate/discussion regarding the latest recreational marijuana measures in Palmer Lake will take place Sept. 20 at the town hall. The meeting is scheduled to run from 9 to 11 a.m. It is being organized by Mitch Davis and Karen Stuth.

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