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Marijuana Sales in Colorado

Jeanette Smith 02/27/2015 Marijuana sales in Colorado are being watched. In 2012, recreational marijuana was legalized in Colorado. Retailers opened January 1, 2014. Since then, other states with proposals to legalize recreational marijuana have been watching Colorado’s financial results closely.

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Fate of marijuana sales tax money is hazy

Emily Allen 02/24/2015 PUEBLO WEST - The fate of money generated by retail marijuana tax is uncertain because of a stipulation in Colorado's Tax Payer's Bill of Rights.

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Commissioners approve Rye marijuana grow operation

Lena Howland 02/19/2015 PUEBLO COUNTY - Pueblo County commissioners signed off on a new retail marijuana grow operation in Rye. Rocky Mountain Organic has the ok to build the facility just off of Pickney Road.

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"County perspective needed in pot debate"

Gini Pingenot 02/14/2015 Re: "Counties shouldn't be able to double-tax marijuana," Feb. 1 editorial. This editorial conspicuously omits any consideration of a county perspective. Labeling Colorado counties as "greedy" is unfair and uninformed.

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Marijuana Tax Up In Smoke? Don't Worry, Feds Plot 50% Tax

Robert W. Wood 02/15/2015 Marijuana activists look to Colorado as a true leader, with legalized recreational use and tiered tax models. Coloradans and activists nationwide thought legalizing marijuana would mean huge tax revenues.

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