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Man Guilty Of Giving Pot Edibles To Teens Without Their Knowledge

07/29/2014 DENVER – A man accused of providing marijuana edibles to two teenager who got sick has pleaded guilty. According to Lynn Kimbrough with the district attorney’s office, Davirak Ky, 40, pleaded guilty to distributing a controlled substance and child abuse.

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Task Force Cracking Down On Drug Crimes In Tahlequah

Emory Bryan 07/23/2014 TAHLEQUAH, OK - A drug task force, including Tahlequah City police, has noticed new drugs showing up in Cherokee County. The drugs include LSD, and now, what originated as medical marijuana from Colorado and California.

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Russell Britton, 1 of 3 suspects in Nathaniel Tallman murder, takes plea deal

Mitchell Byars 07/01/2014 One of three men charged with murder in the drug-related killing of Nathaniel Tallman, of Lafayette, has taken a plea deal, and attorneys said investigators for the first time believe they know where the shooting took place.

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Traffic stop yields ‘several grams’ of meth

Katharhynn Heidelberg 07/11/2013 Three men were jailed Tuesday night, while two juveniles could face charges after “several grams” of methamphetamine were allegedly found inside their vehicle.

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Why Donny Andrews is STILL in prison and ex-sheriff Pat Sullivan isn't

Alan Prendergast 05/30/2014 Two years ago, former Arapahoe County sheriff Pat Sullivan managed to chisel down a pack of squalid allegations involving methamphetamine, trading drugs for sex, exploiting a mentally challenged individual and even a sort-of admission of sex with minors into the world's sweetest plea deal...

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