Marijuana aficionados decend on Denver for Cannabis Cup, the 'Super Bowl' of the marijuana industry

lance hernandez 04/18/2015 DENVER - Marijuana is front and center in Colorado this weekend as thousands of visitors descend on the Mile High City to take part in World Cannabis Week 2015, including The Cannabis Cup, a major marijuana trade show, and other 420 festivities.

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'Father of Industrial Hemp' Pens New Memoir for His Family That Illuminates an Historic Time

PRWEB 04/02/2015 "Family First – A Father’s Legacy" was written by Lloyd Casey from 1980 to 2010. It is the story of his extraordinary life and the legacy he leaves to his family.

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Gazette: concerns beyond pot

Ralph Routon 04/01/2015 Sometimes it's nice to have the 24/7/365 media news cycle. From the cable TV networks down to the local level, stories that don't have staying power quickly vanish into the trashbin of yesterday's headlines.

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Breckenridge named one of the ‘trashiest’ spring break destinations

Phil Lindeman 03/05/2015 Breck, you’re now one of the trashiest destinations for spring breakers. Or so says Wyatt Swain, author of’s recent “America’s Top 20 Trashiest Spring Break Destinations,”

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Cedaredge regulates its marijuana growers

12/31/2014 The Cedaredge Town Board meeting on Dec. 11 finalized and adopted one of the first town ordinances in Colorado that places restrictions on how legal, personal-use marijuana may be cultivated indoors.

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