On marijuana, state lawmakers tell feds to butt out

John Frank 08/07/2015 A day after lawmakers expressed concern about the federal government’s looming role in regulating state marijuana policy, a bipartisan organization of state lawmakers approved a policy statement with a simple message to Washington: leave us alone.

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EDITORIAL: Rand Paul's pot position bad for kids

The Gazette editorial 07/10/2015 Republicans wanting a strong presidential contender must reduce a growing crowd. They should start by pressuring Sen. Rand Paul to step aside. The Kentucky senator has shown himself a likely source of routine embarrassment and distraction.

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Kansas marijuana bill hits roadblock in state Senate

Nicholas Clayton, AP, 5/27/2015 A bill that would ease marijuana laws in Kansas has stalled in the state Senate and will likely not be considered further this year after its unexpected approval by the House.

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John Suthers chosen as new Colorado Springs mayor over Mary Lou Makepeace

05/20/2015 COLORADO SPRINGS - Voters in Colorado Springs have elected former state Attorney General John Suthers in the city's runoff mayoral election.

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EDITORIAL: TABOR end run a bad idea

The Gazette editorial 04/23/2015 Colorado voters sent a clear message when they added the Taxpayer's Bill of Rights to the Colorado Constitution. The law, known as TABOR, must be respected or overturned. State government should not try to circumvent it with accounting games.

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