Sales taxes in the United States

EDITORIAL: Colorado unleashes tax-free pot

By: The Gazette editorial 09/15/2015 For advocates of marijuana anarchy, holidays don't get better than this. Wednesday is Colorado's famous/infamous tax-free pot day. Stores are stocking up for record-setting sales. It's a good week to keep especially close watch on teenagers and younger children who may be vulnerable to a sudden surge in the pot supply.

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Metro talks pot levy tax on ballot

Kristen M. White 07/23/2015 The Pueblo West Metropolitan District is considering a ballot issue this fall that would levy an excise tax on retail marijuana facilities. Directors talked about the potential for the tax at their meeting last week.

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Fewer crimes, more revenue as medical marijuana industry stabilizes in Colorado Springs

Kassondra Cloos 07/06/2015 Data from the city of Colorado Springs, its police department and the Colorado Department of Revenue show interesting trends as the marijuana industry matures amid growing pains that have attracted national attention, including the cash-only nature of the business.

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Pueblo County wants to keep excess weed money

JEFF TUCKER 05/29/2015 Pueblo County will be asking voters whether they want the equivalent of about three spins on the City Park Kiddie Rides or if they would rather let the government use a little less than $150,000 in excess marijuana revenues for something else.

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