Fortune to Honor Cannabis Industry Innovator Jessica Billingsley of MJ Freeway

09/16/2015 DENVER - Jessica Billingsley, Co-Founder and COO of MJ Freeway Business Solutions, will be the first woman ever from the cannabis industry to accept the prestigious 2015 Fortune Most Promising Women Entrepreneur Award.

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Display of Potential Pot Edibles Vending Machine Ignites Ski Country Lawsuit

Jim Trotter 08/08/2014 Whether or not the Zazzz vending machine, which is apparently designed to dispense marijuana edibles, will ever see the light of day, much less come into common usage, remains to be seen.

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Smokehouse’s future hazy over pot

AP 08/01/2014 EAGLE - A real estate firm wants to evict an Avon restaurant for temporarily displaying a marijuana edibles vending machine, claiming the media attention it drew has damaged the reputation of the Chicago company.

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