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Legalizing recreational pot -- a bad idea for Colorado, Oregon & Wash.

James Lambert 10/6/2012 Two years ago California voters defeated Proposition 19 — an initiative which would have effectively legalized recreational pot — by a 54% plurality. During that year (2010) proposition 19 received massive donation support of the initiative by Peter Lewis and billionaire George Soros.

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Amendment 64: Who's Bankrolling What?

I-News Network, CU News Corps, Leia Larsen, Katharina Bucholz 9/19/2012 Colorado’s ballot initiative to legalize marijuana possession is billed by one leading local advocate as “a grassroots effort here on the ground,” but an examination of contributions to the campaign tell a far different story.

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These successful, semi-famous people want Colorado to legalize marijuana

Nic Turiciano 6/21/2012 Even after proposition 300 passed last november, which banned medicinal marijuana shops in Fort Collins, it’s hard to get away from the pot friendly culture in our small college town.

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2006 - Drug czar rips Amendment 44

David Montero 10/12/2006 The nation's drug czar slammed a thick ream of paper on the podium and declared it contained study after study showing marijuana leads to mental illness and other health problems.

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