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Why Three States Are Sparring Over Legal Weed

ADAM CHANDLER 12/19/2014 Just weeks before the one-year anniversary of legal marijuana in Colorado, the state's status as breaker of the green ceiling is under assault from an unlikely source: its neighbors.

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Congress is one joint where decriminalization of marijuana isn't cool

MICHAEL COLLINS 05/09/2014 WASHINGTON, DC - In two states, you can legally smoke a joint for no other reason than you just want to get high. In 21 states, you can legally buy and use cannabis for medical purposes. And in 16 states, you won’t go to jail or even be charged with a crime the first time you’re caught with a small amount of weed.

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11/21/2012 Colorado is known to be the highest state in the United States of America, as it has an average altitude of 2072 meters. However, since the legalization of the recreational use of marijuana by the residents of Colorado, tourists may be looking for a different high when they visit the state.

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Marijuana tourists may flock to western US states

11/10/2012 With an average altitude of around 6,800 feet, Colorado is known as the highest state in the US. After Colorado residents legalized the recreational use of marijuana last week, tourists may start flocking to the state for a different kind of high.

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Amendment 64: Who's Bankrolling What?

I-News Network, CU News Corps, Leia Larsen, Katharina Bucholz 9/19/2012 Colorado’s ballot initiative to legalize marijuana possession is billed by one leading local advocate as “a grassroots effort here on the ground,” but an examination of contributions to the campaign tell a far different story.

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