Pat Steadman

Campaign launched for pot tax to fund schools

Charles Ashby 08/30/2015 The campaign effort to get Coloradans to approve the only statewide measure on this year’s ballot went live last week, and the man behind it is hoping voters take the time to understand why a third marijuana question is before them.

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EDITORIAL: TABOR end run a bad idea

The Gazette editorial 04/23/2015 Colorado voters sent a clear message when they added the Taxpayer's Bill of Rights to the Colorado Constitution. The law, known as TABOR, must be respected or overturned. State government should not try to circumvent it with accounting games.

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Lawmakers to scrap plans for central pot authority

Brandon Rittiman 05/01/2015 DENVER - State lawmakers who hoped to bring marijuana sales under the authority of a centralized state commission plan to scrap their bill in the final days of the legislative session.

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