Taxpayer Bill of Rights

EDITORIAL: TABOR end run a bad idea

The Gazette editorial 04/23/2015 Colorado voters sent a clear message when they added the Taxpayer's Bill of Rights to the Colorado Constitution. The law, known as TABOR, must be respected or overturned. State government should not try to circumvent it with accounting games.

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Toro: Tax-evader Douglas Bruce’s TABOR keeps voters from raising taxes, even when they thought they did

Luis Toro 04/28/2015 Anti-tax fanatic and now-convicted tax-evader Douglas Bruce sold us a bill of goods in 1992 when voters approved the Taxpayer’s Bill of Rights, or TABOR, on the promise the we, the people, had the power to decide if and when to raise our state taxes. It’s the biggest lie in Colorado politics. And also the most fiscally damaging.

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TABOR vs. citizens’ initiatives

Claudette Konola 04/22/2015 Last week Gov. John Hickenlooper gave the Legislature a letter outlining ideas to solve the unanticipated problems stemming from conflicts between TABOR and other constitutional amendments. Neither Republicans nor Democrats were pleased that his proposal appeared with only four weeks left in this legislative session.

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Colorado lawmakers prepare a stark choice on pot tax refund

John Frank 04/14/2015 UPDATED: Colorado voters are expected to face a choice in November 2015: allow the state to keep excess marijuana taxes for school construction or give tax breaks to recreational pot users and growers.

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The Glitch in Colorado’s Weed Experiment

By THE EDITORIAL BOARD 04/06/2015 After Colorado voters legalized marijuana, they also approved heavily taxing it and using the money for school construction, law enforcement, drug education and other useful things. The arrangement made perfect sense.

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Predictions in for Colorado tax refunds

Brandon Rittiman 03/19/2015 DENVER - Colorado taxpayers could be in for state tax refunds between $15 and $89 per person next year, depending on household income. Those were the predictions from economists for the governor's office and state legislature presented Wednesday to the state's joint budget committee.

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