Fort Collins

CSU begins archiving materials related to legalization of pot

09/10/2015 FORT COLLINS - Colorado State University officials announced Thursday that the school’s library archive has begun collecting materials related to the passage of Amendment 64 and the legalization of marijuana use in the state.

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Aurora police seek new cap on home-grow marijuana operations

RACHEL SAPIN 07/23/2015 AURORA - The number of recreational marijuana plants residents can grow in their homes could change under a measure proposed by Aurora police. Under the measure, the city would cap each household at 12 plants, and would allow half of those plants to be flowering at any given time.

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CDOT 'pot smoke' car comes to Fort Collins

05/02/2015 State transportation brass are bringing a simulated mobile hot box to Fort Collins as part of their efforts to discourage stoned driving.

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Man arrested for allegedly robbing Fort Collins Walgreen pharmacy four times

Carly Moore 04/27/2015 FORT COLLINS - A 20-year-old Fort Collins man has been arrested and charged with robbing a Walgreen pharmacy. Police arrested Michael Surprise, 20, early Friday morning after the pharmacy at 2190 W. Drake Road reported a robbery.

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Teen’s mom charged after he eats pot brownie, jumps from third-floor window

David Mitchell 04/25/2015 FORT COLLINS - “Quite a trip for a brownie,” were the words written by a 19-year-old Fort Collins man on Facebook after he jumped from a third-floor window at an apartment building.

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Teen jumps from 3rd-floor window after mom gives him pot brownie, Fort Collins police say

Alan Gathright 04/24/2015 FORT COLLINS - A Fort Collins mother has been arrested after police say she gave a pot brownie to her 19-year-old son and he jumped from a third-floor apartment window after eating it.

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