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Don't give up on marijuana edibles mandate

By The Denver Post Editorial Board 03/27/2015 The state Senate's Health and Human Services Committee dug in its heels Wednesday and, with a commendable 5-0 vote, gave a resounding "no" to a proposal to water down current requirements that marijuana edible products be easily identifiable — even outside their packaging.

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Fake report about Colorado pot shops, food stamps creates havoc

Lynn Bartels 01/14/2014 It had the makings of must-read story: A Republican lawmaker believes a faux news report that Colorado's pot shops are accepting food stamps and introduces a bill to outlaw the practice.

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Colorado's troubles with pot

Kevin A. Sabet 07/10/2014 This week, Washington state opened marijuana stores for the first time. And these stores don't just carry your father's kind of weed. In addition to highly potent cigarettes -- which are much stronger than those some people might remember from Woodstock -- stores are also selling super-strength, pot-infused cookies, candies, sodas, vapor and wax concentrates.

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Hemp Box: Denver-based startup aims to send subscribers monthly box of hemp products

Melanie Asmar 03/25/2014 Three entrepreneurs who made their bones in Colorado's marijuana industry are starting a new venture focusing on weed's sober stepsister, hemp. It's called Hemp Box and the idea is that subscribers will pay to receive one box per month filled with samples of hemp body-care and food products (as well as one full-sized item).

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Colorado Rockies Baseball Team To Sell Marijuana Brownies At Their Concession Stands

02/28/2014 With the new laws in effect in Colorado, major sports organizations are looking for ways to cash in on the newest legal cash crop in the state. Sources are reporting that Major League Baseball’s Colorado Rockies plan to sell food items which contain marijuana at concession stands during games next season.

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