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Making hash oil without a license a felony offense

Charles Ashby 07/02/2015 Several new laws went into effect on Wednesday, including one that makes manufacturing marijuana concentrate without a license a felony.

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Eagle Co. DA On Making Hash Oil: ‘Don’t Try This At Home’

05/07/2015 EAGLE COUNTY – Authorities are urging people to not make hash oil at home but to buy it in a store, legally. This comes after the dangerous problem of explosions, caused by people making hash oil, that’s becoming more common in Colorado.

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Sheriff: Vail man burned in hash oil explosion faces felony charges

Jesse Paul 04/29/2015 Authorities in Eagle County say a 24-year-old man faces felony charges after sustaining second-degree burns on 25 percent of his body in an Eagle-Vail hash oil explosion Wednesday afternoon.

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New limits for homemade hash oil extraction head to Colorado governor

AP 05/04/2015 A ban on common procedures for making homemade hash oil is headed to the governor’s desk in Colorado. The bill would make it a felony for amateurs to make hash or marijuana concentrate using an “inherently hazardous substance” such as a flammable liquid chemical or compressed gas.

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DIY hash-oil blasts spark debate over felony penalties

Tessa Cheek 04/27/2015 Here’s how it works: You buy cheap “trim,” the discarded leaves snipped from cannabis buds. You attach a screen to one end of a pipe and pack it with trim. You blast liquid butane through this contraption and cook honey oil, hash which can be re-sold with a triple return on investment. High product, high profits, right?

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