Colorado bill on pregnancy pot warnings questioned

Joey Bunch 04/08/2015 A bill to warn pregnant women about the dangers of using marijuana had some Colorado legislators on Monday questioning whether that would be constitutional, since the mandate from voters who passed 2012′s Amendment 64 was to regulate pot like alcohol.

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School funding measures move forward

Vic Vela 04/14/2014 A pair of funding measures that will provide schools with nearly $500 million in new revenue passed the House with bipartisan support last week. The bill also incorporates $40 million in retail marijuana revenue that will go toward school construction in rural parts of the state.

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Bill would give more funding to state schools

Charles Ashby 02/20/2014 The measure calls for spending an additional $303 million to address everything from easing the so-called negative factors inherent in the annual School Finance Act to using tax revenue from marijuana sales to add kindergarten space in schools that want them.

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Lawyer: Effort to repeal Colorado’s legal pot law is ‘unconstitutional’

Greg Campbell 5/1/2013 An attempt by some state lawmakers to repeal Colorado’s historic marijuana legalization amendment if voters don’t approve a 30 percent tax to finance oversight of the industry is unconstitutional, according to lawyers for a group of advocates fighting the proposal.

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Republicans Fight for Lower Sales Tax on Pot

Valerie Richardson 4/29/2013 DENVER – Colorado Republicans aren’t known as fans of either high taxes or recreational drugs, but when given a choice, it turns out they hate taxes more.

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Colorado lawmakers wrestle with marijuana taxation rates

Eli Stokols 4/29/2013 DENVER - The Colorado statehouse gave initial approval to a taxation plan for legal marijuana after a long debate about what the appropriate rate should be.

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