13 hours 56 min ago
Phil Lindeman 02/26/2015 For lifelong local Justin Williams, marijuana is a family affair. And that family now includes the final major town in Summit County to welcome retail pot.
13 hours 57 min ago
Steve Lynn 02/27/2015 Boulder, Larimer and Weld counties were among the top 10 Colorado counties for medical and retail marijuana sales in pounds last year, according to the state Department of Revenue.
13 hours 58 min ago
02/27/2015 DENVER - The first annual report on marijuana has been released by the State of Colorado. Recreational marijuana completed its first full year in 2014 and the numbers show it’s a budding industry in the state.
14 hours 1 sec ago
Kody May 02/28/2015 As a fourth generation native of Routt County and a father of three young children in our community, I would like to take a brief minute to express my displeasure of the topics, especially the front page of the Steamboat Today.
14 hours 1 min ago
AP 02/26/2015 DENVER - Colorado’s most controversial marijuana-related bill of the year is up for its first test in the Senate Thursday.
14 hours 3 min ago
Lois Melkonian 02/25/2015 If your child goes to school anywhere in the Denver Metro area, you don’t have to drive far to see a marijuana dispensary or licensed marijuana store. For that matter, it’s fairly easy to spot liquor stores in that same drive. As parents, having a discussion about drugs and alcohol use with our teens is not generally a ‘favorite’ on our to do list.
14 hours 4 min ago
John Schroyer 02/25/2015 Last October brought a dramatic change to Colorado’s recreational marijuana market when the state axed its vertical integration rule and opened up the industry to new players.
14 hours 4 min ago
Sam Becker 02/26/2015 Marijuana legalization just went live in Alaska, making it the third state to “go green,” so to speak. Other states are considering doing the same. Not only that, but Colorado’s now year-old legal market has brought in so much tax revenue, that lawmakers are considering returning some of it to the taxpayers.
14 hours 6 min ago
Casey Donahue 02/26/2015 DANBURY, CT – Drug policy adviser Kevin Sabet spoke about how legalizing marijuana in Connecticut could lead to the rise of a "Big Tobacco-like" industry during a talk Wednesday in Danbury.