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Jessi Mitchell 03/20/2015 PUEBLO - Recreational pot shops are still illegal in the city of Pueblo, but a group of marijuana growers is giving the city some ideas for possible regulations, hoping to eventually get approval.
10 hours 1 min ago
Alissa Skelton 03/21/2015 The federal government is seeking to keep possession of more than $35,000 in suspected drug money seized last year during a traffic stop in western Nebraska near Colorado.
10 hours 3 min ago
03/20/2015 Texas Christian University hosted a debate on campus Tuesday night concerning marijuana legalization. Speakers included Dr. Jason Kilmer, an Assistant Professor of Psychiatry and Behavioral Sciences at the University of Washington, Russ Belville, who is the host of the Russ Belville Show on 420 Radio and Director of Portland NORML, and Ben Cort who is a board member for Smart Approaches to Marijuana (SAM).
10 hours 4 min ago
Jordan Steffen 03/19/2015 A 38-year-old Routt County man was charged formally Thursday in the death of Edward Zimmerman.
10 hours 5 min ago
Rachel Estabrook 03/19/2015 Powdered alcohol has been approved for sale in the United States, but its future in Colorado is unclear. A company called Palcohol got federal approval last week to sell its packets of powder that come in five flavors. They can be stirred into soda, water, juice or other liquids, and Palcohol's founder says one packet contains about as much alcohol as a shot of liquor.
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Paul Shockley 03/20/2015 Raising the stakes ahead of a likely jury trial, the Mesa County District Attorney’s office on Thursday filed two new felony charges in the case against a 15-year-old boy accused of accidentally shooting and killing his best friend at a Clifton home last fall.
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Mark A. Rose 03/20/2015 Dear Editor, Could Ray Lozano be the real gateway to hard drugs? …and by that I mean misinformation.
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Bill Hudson 03/20/2015 Let’s talk about freedom, a hot topic in the United States of America since at least the early 1700s. Freedom of speech and of the press currently allows an unauthorized individual like myself to openly criticize local, state and federal government officials without too much fear of incarceration.
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Bill Hudson 03/19/2015 The little town of Pagosa Springs now has three popular alcohol manufacturers — better known as “brew pubs — within the town’s commercial strip along Highway 160. I hear rumors that a fourth might be opening this summer.
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01/17/2014 COLORADO SPRINGS - In the eyes of the law in Colorado, recreational marijuana is legal, but what about in the eyes of God? “There are some medical benefits derived from it,” said Focus on the Family president, Jim Daly.