8 min 38 sec ago
11/20/2014 DENVER - A former employee of a Denver pot shop that’s accused of handing out marijuana-laced chocolate at a fair says he told the company the treat was tainted, but they gave it out anyway.
43 min 53 sec ago
KATIE KUNTZ 11/19/2014 Marijuana advocates in the U.S. House of Representatives believe that the punitive federal tax code that treats state-legalized cannabis stores as criminal enterprise can be reformed, perhaps within the next couple of months.
44 min 28 sec ago
Eric Mullens 11/20/2014 WALSENBURG - No matter the outcome of the Nov. 4 election, Huerfano County Sheriff Bruce Newman had plans for the following day, and they had nothing to do with politics.
46 min 45 sec ago
Sheridan Block 11/20/2014 Hopeful marijuana businesses may soon begin to sprout throughout the county, as the Board of County Commissioners continues to work toward a licensing and permitting system.
48 min 26 sec ago
07/21/2007 GOLDEN - A Larimer County man authorized to grow and use medical marijuana is being prosecuted for possession and cultivation of pot, even though the cops have already returned the plants they’d seized at the outset of the case.
51 min 12 sec ago
11/23/2014 NASHVILLE, TN - Three people were arrested Thursday morning and caught with hundreds of pounds of high-grade marijuana believed to be from Colorado.
52 min 18 sec ago
David Migoya 11/23/2014 The world's first financial institution established specifically for the marijuana industry could be open in Colorado by Jan. 1.
53 min 12 sec ago
Jane Wells 11/20/2014 Marijuana may be illegal on a federal level, but you've still got to pay your taxes. "Remember what got Al Capone," said Jim Marty, a certified public accountant in Colorado.
54 min 28 sec ago
Clarke Reader 11/18/2014 When Amendment 64 passed many detractors voiced concerns about people driving while using marijuana and the risks that may present. Wheat Ridge’s Lifeloc Technologies aims to solve that problem by designing the first breathalyzer to detect marijuana on a person’s breath.
55 min 24 sec ago
11/23/2014 The state of Colorado is participating in a gigantic experiment as it implements the constitutional amendment voters approved in 2012 to make recreational marijuana sales legal to those older than age 21.