9 min 57 sec ago
Nick Coltrain 03/05/2015 Larimer County Sheriff Justin Smith says his lawsuit challenging marijuana legalization in Colorado was not spurred by his own beliefs on pot, but is instead meant to clarify a "quagmire" of conflicting state and federal laws.
5 hours 46 min ago
Kirk Mitchell, John Ingold 03/05/2015 Sheriffs and prosecutors from across Colorado and neighboring states filed a lawsuit Thursday in Denver federal district court challenging the constitutionality of Amendment 64, which legalized recreational marijuana use and sales.
5 hours 48 min ago
JOB VIGIL 03/05/2015 Today’s marijuana is not at all like the pot from the 1970s and ’80s, according to Nebraska Attorney General Doug Peterson. The quality and potency of marijuana are dramatically higher now than ever before.
8 hours 5 min ago
03/05/2015 “Big Marijuana must be feeling the heat, and I’m sure they are lawyering up."
8 hours 25 min ago
Radley Balko 03/03/2015 At a news conference Monday, New York Police Department commissioner Bill Bratton blamed a slight uptick in violence in the city (45 homicides at this point last year, versus 54 this year) on marijuana.
9 hours 31 min ago
Adam Broderick 03/04/2015 He’s going to smoke...er, speak about marijuana County commissioners approved an out-of-state travel request in late February so county attorney David Baumgarten can meet with the Consortium of Northern California Counties to discuss Colorado’s experiences with the legalization of recreational marijuana.
9 hours 40 min ago
03/04/2015 There are few better examples of how science and journalism come together to confuse the public than last week’s news coverage of research out of Europe assessing and comparing risks associated with use of several drugs, including alcohol, marijuana and tobacco.
9 hours 43 min ago
Lono Ho’ala 03/04/2015 If you use marijuana – whether as a recreational substance and especially if you use it as a medicine – what is far more important than the strain is how the plants are grown.
9 hours 53 min ago
Christopher Herrera, 03/04/2015 Six months into recreational marijuana sales, Steamboat Springs officials examined the impact marijuana sales was having on their community. We know how our local officials feel about marijuana legalization, but let's look at what other local officials have to say.
9 hours 56 min ago
Jeremy Johnson 03/04/2015 FORT LUPTON - Drug policy violations in Fort Lupton schools are down in the past year while state numbers — perhaps in conjunction with legalized marijuana — are headed in the opposite direction, according to a report from the Department of Education.