1 min 38 sec ago
Roby Little 09/16/2014 Suckers, brownies, candy of all shapes, sizes and flavors. No, this isn’t a pre-Halloween candy advertisement. It’s the new norm in marijuana consumption.
3 min 39 sec ago
Jane Han 09/16/2014 Hwang Yon-sook, 47, a Colorado mom of a high schooler, was not happy when her son came home from school with leftover brownies ― not just plain brownies, but chocolate treats spiked with marijuana.
12 min 51 sec ago
Andrea Sinclair 09/16/2014 A routine traffic stop turned into a pursuit and drug bust Monday night in southeast Colorado Springs, police said.
9 hours 52 min ago
JACK HEALY 03/13/2014 DENVER - A Colorado law that allows adults to legally possess and use marijuana may now allow some people found guilty of minor marijuana crimes to challenge their convictions in court, a state appeals court ruled on Thursday.
9 hours 59 min ago
09/16/2014 There was much discussion over summer about children left in hot cars, but what about the first two children who died from an overheated car after Coloradans voted to legalize marijuana?
10 hours 46 min ago
09/16/2014 DENVER - Denver's City Council will listen to public comment on a zoning amendment to limit the number of pot plants grown in a home.
10 hours 54 min ago
Erin Udell 09/15/2014 The newest possible regulation on marijuana growth in Fort Collins will be in front of City Council this week as staff present an ordinance that could prevent large, unregulated marijuana grows within the city.
10 hours 56 min ago
09/16/2014 DENVER – The Denver City Council Monday evening was scheduled to take a look at just how many marijuana plants can be grown in the city, and if there’s a loophole that allows some people to have more plants than others.
11 hours 7 min ago
09/16/2014 DENVER – Denver city leaders will consider this week whether to make it against the law to make hash oil at home, a process that can lead to explosive results.
11 hours 8 min ago
Amber Taufen 09/15/2014 Cannabis edibles in a storefront window in Amsterdam. Should recreational cannabis edibles manufacturers be required to ensure that their products are distinguishable from similar non-medicated products even outside the original packaging materials?