8 min 16 sec ago
SADIE GURMAN, AP 08/22/2014 DENVER - A judge has ordered a Denver man to stand trial in the killing of his wife, who told dispatchers moments before her death that he was acting strangely after eating marijuana candy.
9 hours 22 min ago
Jordan Steffen 08/22/2014 CENTENNIAL - Prosecutors on Friday painted a picture of a woman who pushed prescription pills on young adults — taught them how to grind and snort the powerful drugs — and had no regrets when they died.
13 hours 31 min ago
HOLYOKE ENTERPRISE 08/20/2014 Preliminary results from the 2013 Healthy Kids Colorado Survey show that the percentage of students who perceived a moderate or great risk from marijuana use declined from 58 percent in 2011 to 54 percent in 2013.
14 hours 1 min ago
Lisa Eckelbecker 08/22/2014 A Denver company denied licenses to open medical marijuana operations in Worcester and other Massachusetts communities hit another roadblock Thursday when a judge denied Good Chemistry of Massachusetts Inc.'s request for a preliminary injunction against state public health officials.
14 hours 5 min ago
Ken Bell, 08/21/2014 On the marijuana on Main St. debate, the pro argument centers on the inequity created by allowing some businesses to operate on Main while others are banned. On the surface this is a valid point; however, it either ignores or downplays the adverse impact on the community over the long run.
14 hours 8 min ago
Randall Beach 08/22/2014 Vacationing in Colorado these days now gives you a chance to experience far more than what John Denver long ago hailed as a “Rocky Mountain high.” Oh yes, my wife and I did travel around Rocky Mountain Park last week when we went out to visit my sister in Boulder. The Rockies are breathtaking, fabulous to behold.
14 hours 8 min ago
Adam Kee 08/21/2014 The time has come for Kansans to accept the facts To a portion of Kansans, our neighboring state feels like the Wild West.
14 hours 9 min ago
Ricardo Baca 08/21/2014 Ryan Griego owns a recreational pot shop in southern Colorado, and he’s putting out a bold, informed estimate saying that a decidedly clear majority of his customers are from outside of Colorado.
14 hours 12 min ago
Whitney Wild 08/21/2014 Angela Brown says her son, Trey, was playing baseball with friends when a ball slammed into his head. It was an accident so severe that the then 11-year-old boy suffered bleeding in his brain.
14 hours 13 min ago
Travis Khachatoorian 08/22/2014 DEBEQUE - Mesa County could be opening its first recreation marijuana shop as early as Nov. 1. Two Western Slope investors have already leased a building in DeBeque they plan to transform into a marijuana dispensary named Kush Gardens.