1 hour 3 min ago
Peter Hannaford 09/29/2014 It was all high fives on New Year’s Day in Denver’s marijuana shops. That was the day sales began under Colorado’s voter-approved measure to make legal “recreational” use of marijuana.
3 hours 15 min ago
James T. Mulder 09/29/2014 Syracuse, NY - Two U.S. senators want the federal government to allow New Yorkers to buy a strain of medical marijuana from Colorado known as "Charlotte's Web" to treat children suffering from severe seizure disorders.
3 hours 16 min ago
Kristen B. Frasch 09/29/2014 Proponents and opponents of the nationwide move to legalize marijuana, recreationally and/or medically, are keeping close eyes on the case of Coats v. Dish Network, slated to be argued before the Colorado Supreme Court tomorrow, Sept. 30.
3 hours 17 min ago
ANTHONY A. MESTAS 09/30/2014 The Pueblo County Board of Commissioners on Monday delayed for a third time the licensing of a proposed medical marijuana grow on Red Creek Springs Road.
3 hours 18 min ago
Molly Hendrickson 09/29/2014 AURORA - Nine months after Denver opened its first recreational pot shops, Aurora is following suit. Wednesday, October 1 will be the first day for sales in Aurora, but unlike Denver, it may be an uneventful one. That's because of the 21 shops that received permitting in August, few say they're ready to open.
3 hours 19 min ago
Jeremiah Horrigan 09/30/2014 KINGSTON - The news could not have been better or more welcome for Cindy Tangney. It's news she's been working to see happen for nearly a year. "They're finally realizing the importance of what everybody's been telling them," she said Monday afternoon.
3 hours 21 min ago
RACHEL ESTABROOK 09/29/2014 Tomorrow, Colorado's Supreme Court will consider whether employers should be able to fire workers for using medical marijuana. Brandon Coats, the plaintiff, is suing Dish Network for firing him in 2010 from his job as a telephone operator after he tested positive for marijuana.
3 hours 23 min ago
Andy Koen 09/29/2014 PUEBLO - For the third time, Pueblo County Commissioners delayed a vote on licensing a new marijuana grow operation on Red Creek Springs Road.
3 hours 23 min ago
Michelle San Miguel 09/29/2014 PUEBLO COUNTY - Concerned neighbors near Red Creek Springs Road are calling Pueblo County Commissioner Sal Pace's decision to delay voting on a medical pot farm a political move.
3 hours 25 min ago
AP 09/29/2014 DENVER - The Colorado Supreme Court will hear arguments Tuesday in a marijuana-related firing case that could have big implications for the state's pot smokers.