51 sec ago
10/25/2014 A decision to legalize marijuana should not be taken lightly. A decision to allow medical marijuana, as in Florida and Guam at the moment, is often an open door to the quasi-legalization of pot.
2 min 50 sec ago
Hugh Johnson 10/22/2014 Wheat Ridge City Council approved an ordinance to enact a 120-day moratorium on the submission, acceptance, processing and approval of applications and requests for any Medical Marijuana Establishment or Retail Marijuana Establishment. The new moratorium will begin once the current one ends Nov. 17.
9 min 23 sec ago
Ricardo Baca 10/25/2014 In mid-October, Colorado gubernatorial candidate Mike Dunafon announced that the Yes We Cannabis Festival would take over Glendale on Halloween weekend with the intention of registering voters and having a good time with his new friend Snoop Dogg, who was to host the event with other big-name musicians and comedians.
16 min 11 sec ago
Caitlin Row 10/25/2014 With Election Day on Nov. 4 days away, Palisade’s community — totaling approximately 2,600 residents — is dealing with a botched ballot and swirling questions regarding compromised integrity of their votes.
21 min 52 sec ago
Sara Zendehnam 10/25/2014 GRAND JUNCTION - The unpredictable effects of dangerous synthetic drugs has landed hundreds across the nation in hospitals and even taken young lives.
28 min 37 sec ago
Michael Roberts 10/24/2014 Did marijuana contribute to -- and perhaps even cause -- the death of Michael Brown, whose shooting by a police officer caused weeks of rioting in Ferguson, Missouri?
30 min 36 sec ago
Charles Ashby 10/25/2014 Palisade residents are not the only voters dealing with problems with their ballots this election season. The Adams County Clerk’s Office reported on Friday that they, too, had problems with ballots sent to a select number of voters in that Front Range county, and from the same Arizona printing company that Mesa County uses.
32 min 9 sec ago
David Mitchell 10/24/2014 DENVER - Some parents are worried kids could accidentally get pot candy instead of regular candy when they go trick-or-treating next Friday night.
37 min 7 sec ago
Rachel Sapin 10/24/2014 AURORA - Aurora voters in Adams County have two marijuana-related tax measure on their ballots, and one is a smoldering controversy.
37 min 50 sec ago
Steve Lynn 10/23/2014 BOULDER – Surna Inc. (OTCQB: SRNA) in Boulder has filed patent applications for technology that will reduce energy consumption in indoor marijuana growing operations.